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If you are an electronics hobbyist and an audio fanatic you might find here some interresting reading.

You will find a summary of projects I have done over the years from hardware design, software, mechanics and speaker cabinet building.

My latest pride and joy is an active 3-way speaker system with digital cross-over filters and a back-EMF controlled bass speaker.
This loudspeaker system was a Zen like experience that took some seven years to build. I realized that the journey is where the satisfaction lies but now that they are finished I daily enjoy listening to them.

Look for more details of DICOSS (Digitally Controlled Speaker System) under the project tabs.

After some time I found out that there was sometimes an irritating hum coming from my speakers. Have a look at the "Humming Transformers" section how I dealt with that problem. 

After a year of "easy listening" I started the design of my Pre Amplifier. This design is still in the works but I'd like to share my experiences up to now.

See the section Pre Amplifier for more details. 

A project I completed some years ago is an analog I/O box to connect to a Behringer FCA202 Firewire Analog Front Eend to be used as audio test setup in conjunction with a PC based program called AudioTester.
The audio in-and output levels are scalable and adjustable using this box and the PC based program allowed me to do 2D, 3D FFT's speaker MLS measurements and what else you need to test and measure audio electronics and speakers.
At higher volume levels the distortion of the analog in- and output stages of the FCA202 increased too much to my liking that I am considering to build a complete ADC-DAC stage myself using optical audio interfaces from my PC.